WANTED: Gifted Council Members

ICS is governed by a Council who act as trustees for the ministry. We meet five times a year, once overnight, to bring oversight and direction to the work.

We are looking for Council Members who are committed to the life and work of ICS and have skills and gifts that will enhance our operation and performance.  We are people of prayer with a heart for mission.

We specifically require people with the following skills:

* Financial
* Legal
* Property management knowledge
* Member care experience

We are also keen to improve our representation of younger council members and women.

If you are interested, please contact the ICS office using the contact page here.

Diocesan Representatives and Honorary Travelling Secretaries

ICS has volunteers in dioceses (or regions covering several dioceses) who increase awareness, prayer and financial support of/for the Society.

This aim can be fulfilled by a Diocesan Representative who

  • represents ICS in diocesan mission committees/events
  • and in the absence of a Honorary Travelling Secretary (HTS), to undertake any parts of the HTS responsibilities (below) that time and energy permits

an Honorary Travelling Secretary (HTS) is responsible for:

  • deputation speaking and strengthening links with supporting churches and ICS-linked chaplaincies
  • promoting prayer for ICS
  • attending/supporting/starting local supporter prayer meetings
  • initiating and/or speaking at local events (suppers, coffee mornings, synods, mission days) for supporters and potential supporters
  • periodic meetings at the ICS office or in situ
  • inviting Christians to support ICS either personally, or through trusts or organisations in which they are involved
    alerting the office to potential seasonal or permanent chaplains

The Hague Christmas fairTime commitment for these roles is variable and depends on available time, but perhaps one or two days a month.

ICS will provide the resources to support these roles: info about supporting churches, travel expenses, phone and stationery costs, publicity materials and books and cards on sale or return, briefings on news and new mission projects, ICS address list and help in organising events such as coffee mornings, prayer meetings. Please contact Jeannette at ajskuse@ics-uk.org




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