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ICS and the Anglican chaplaincies it supports often have opportunities for short- or long-term service. These roles can be based working abroad in ICS-supported chaplaincies as permanent staff or just for a short period of time but also in the UK promoting ICS. For more information on UK-based volunteer roles look here.

Permanent chaplaincy roles are primarily in mainland Europe and the Mediterranean but ICS also assists with the recruitment of permanent chaplains in South America and the Falkland Islands. All appointments as chaplains are subject to the approval of the relevant Diocesan Bishop, and are subject to the terms of his licence. Chaplains nominated by ICS serve under the relevant diocesan terms of service and, although they are mission or ministry partners of ICS, the Society is not their employer.

Applicants need to

  • be prepared to minister in a cross-cultural situation to people of many nationalities and denominational backgrounds, or who may have no prior church involvement;
  • have a real vision for ministry to English-speaking people
  • wholeheartedly agree with the ICS Basis of Faith

Vacancies are advertised in the Church Times, the Church of Ireland Gazette, the Church of England Newspaper, the Clergy Appointments Advisor list and on our Vacancies page. Some of the larger chaplaincies may be able to offer curacies.

Chaplaincies advertise for youth student workers and lay assistants, usually to work for one year starting each September. These are an ideal opportunity (especially but not exclusively for new graduates) to serve God in an unusual church setting. The posts will also be advertised on our Vacancies page.

The Hague youth party


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