Today’s Prayers

Holy Trinity, Utrecht: For crèches, Sunday Schools, new Teen Ministry; for the annual ‘Utrecht Lectures’ (21-22); for stewardship in Utrecht and Amersfoort in preparation
for independence of All Saints, Amersfoort in 2019.

All Saints Anglican Church, Amersfoort: For a fruitful autumn of strengthening our connections and passion for persecuted Christians (Open Doors), child sponsorship (Compassion) and our overseas church link (Tirana, Albania).

Anglican Church, Zwolle: For a fruitful life-changing bible study group, that meets every two weeks this autumn, as we look at the life of Joseph.

Grace Anglican Church, Groningen: Pray for a warm welcome for all those newly arriving in Groningen, that they may find a spiritual home with us.

First Wednesday prayer evening tonight at St. Paul’s, Tervuren. May we be committed to what we are praying for and expecting that the Lord will answer our prayers.

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