Today’s Prayers

Frauenkirche, Dresden: For the new Family Communion Service that started in January on the first Sunday afternoon of each month, particularly for the next one on Easter
Day. Give thanks for the excellent venue, an ecumenical centre just a short walk from the Frauenkirche.

St. Clement’s, Prague: Our keeping of Lent and for a good attendance at Passion Week services.

Today, HT Utrecht & All Saints Amersfoort: A Baptism and Confirmation Service with Bishop Norman Banks.
St. Paul’s, Tervuren: WHOLE LIFE WORSHIP weekend led by Sam and Sara Hargreaves, as we encourage and build on music and ministry in worship.
Memorial Service for the Revd David Gerrish (former Chaplain in Aquitaine) at 11:30 am at St. Ann’s Church, Weymouth.

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