Thinking strategically in The Hague

It was a delight to be invited to The Hague to meet with the council and facilitate a strategy day.  While a strategy day can sound very business-like, actually what we are doing is making space to listen to God, listen to each other and sense the needs of the community.

I am always minded to remind councils that when clergy get ordained they promise to proclaim afresh the good news to each generation. There is something that is always changing in the way we communicate the unchanging Gospel.  The day was interactive and allowed us to think about what is current both in the church and also the wider community.  What could be and then, of course most importantly, what should be.  What are we being called to by God in the forthcoming year.  the-hague-2

Strategists love to quote the old testament verse about the men of Issachar who understood the times and knew what to do.  What is important, perhaps even essential is not only to have great programmes and ministry but to sense what is happening now and how God would have us respond.  As someone once said, ‘it is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly.’

Richard Bromley



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