PWM Conference

I have just come back from a couple of days at the PWM conference in Swanick, Derbyshire.  A chance for mission agencies, church-partner-link people and diocesan staff to get together and compare notes, hear about current issues and work out how best to work together.

This year more than I have experienced before, the clarity and energy of the conference was so high that there was a real sense that God was helping us put together a jigsaw of various contributions to home in on some of the key issues. Migration and the refugee crisis was explored from a number of angles and there were great contributions from Dr Harvey Kwiyani, Revd Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, David Fieldsend from the chaplaincy in Brussels and many others.  Why it matters to us is that many of the churches we support, both in North Africa and Europe, have been impacted by the migrant crisis.  Often our churches are on migrant routes and one way or another they have had to respond and care for those passing through or settling near them.  This is a huge opportunity but also a great responsibility.

What we learned was important and lessons need to become part of our practice that we not only share the love of Christ, but also challenge when necessary the structures and powers that allow these things to happen.  It is interesting for us as ICS where we have churches in North Africa, specifically Tripoli, as well as churches on mainland Europe who are receiving refugees and seeing the picture from different angles.  Once again it is a challenging time to be a church in Europe.

Richard Bromley, Mission Director

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