Seasonal Mission in Kandersteg

Liz and Ray Skudder were the chaplains in Kandersteg from 29 July-12 August this summer.  Liz writes:’Ray and I were the third set of chaplains on our third visit to Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

We arrived to a very full camp site and in anticipation of Swiss National Day. The Pinkies, Greenies and guests were all very welcoming. We spent 14 days saying hello and goodbye to so many different people, sharing life with them, and talking about all manner of subjects. We felt that God was with us the whole time, encouraging us to be present in the fun and the hard parts too. We enjoyed opening the church for Sunday mornings and Ray particularly liked playing Pokémon in a different country! Thank you very much for supporting us in prayer during our time in Kandersteg.’


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