Mission opportunities in Ibiza

In the summer Richard and a colleague, Rob Ryan, travelled to Ibiza to witness the opportunity first hand, meet with the church, talk with people interested in new forms of outreach in Ibiza and get a sense of where God may be leading us.

The chaplaincy in Ibiza was seeded initially by ICS and we continue to be deeply committed to the ministry there. While there has to be changes and that is right, together we are looking at all forms of outreach both supporting the ongoing work and life of the chaplaincy and also reach out to the many thousands of people that visit the island for all sorts of reasons.

28872147625_895b2f4634_oOne highlight of the visit was an afternoon spent with the team from 24/7, who work in the west-end of San Antonio, essentially the clubbing and drinking area. There is a partnership developing between us which is, we believe, going bear fruit in the future.28587352190_73a0979163_o

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