ICS Conference

On the first afternoon of the ICS Conference, I stood up and said I hoped we had fun, fellowship and inspiration.  I can honestly say that I have never been to a more joy-filled conference with so much great input and such a sense of togetherness.

Bible teaching was provided by Deborah Chapman (Barcelona) who spoke from the book of Ruth.  She both stretched our minds and took us deep into what this book says to us today.  Delightful was the way in which Anna Hill (Amsterdam) was then able to lead us in reflections that allowed us to apply and reflect on what we had learned.  The seminar programme was led by Paul McGee, a motivational speaker who has been a long-time friend of mine.  He spoke on change, conflict and communication and his whimsical style, not only had us laughing at ourselves and the challenges we face, but also spoke deeply into our lives and provided practical tools to better serve in the roles that we have.

The most amusing thing was to watch the way the children gelled together.  Very early on in the programme they started moving around the building as a group and by the second day were eating on their own table having abandoned their parents for their new found friends.

Watching them on the last evening tell us about what they have been doing and share with us the prayers they had written for us was really moving.  Deana and Scot who worked so hard with the children were stars of the week.

It’s at conferences like this where people who work in tough situations, separated by hundreds of kilometres are able to meet with people from similar experiences and realise that here, at least, they can feel normal.

You can watch Deborah Chapman’s first bible reading on YouTube at the following link.

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