ICS Conference

The week of the ICS Chaplains and Families’ Conference that took place from 30 April-4 May was a time full of opportunities to share; learn; worship God and have fun together. For a group of chaplains from unique international settings, the title of ‘The International Minister’ was aptly named. Each day delved into different aspects of living cross-culturally, working inter-culturally and thinking internationally.

Workshops and sessions gave the opportunity for people to think about the how and why of working in an intergenerational context; to relate to people of other religions, cultures and backgrounds and gave space to address and share the unique challenges faced as a minister in an International arena. Our appreciation goes out to all the wonderful speakers who participated in this week, as well as to the organisers and ICS itself, for arranging this wonderful time.

The icing on the cake was the beautiful setting at High Leigh Conference Centre; the delicious and huge amount of food and the desire of all to have a good time together. From simply hanging out, to praying together, through to showing themselves to be great sports during the quiz night, there was a sense of friendship and fun throughout the whole week.

As people travelled home to churches all across the globe on Friday, there was a sense of encouragement and friendship which pervaded through the crowd.

Kirsten Taylor


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