Giving Christianity a good name!

We like to share some of the seasonal mission stories that are coming back to us from the ICS Chaplains ministering at St. Peter’s. Zermatt and St. Bernard’s, Wengen this winter season.

They encountered the following:

‘A couple working in Wengen, who we sensed were quite lonely. He had been a deacon in their church. We talked about God and styles of worship and the importance of having a living faith in Jesus–I shared my own experience of the difference between being a cradle Anglican and having a living faith. They returned for the Sunday service and coffee afterwards. They seemed surprised to find the service ‘up-lifting’!’

‘We met a lady sitting on the seat outside the church on the first Thursday afternoon. She comes up to Zermatt four days per week. After talking to her we invited her to the Thursday night event—she was our only guest!  We had a pleasant conversation with her and then laid hands on her at the end to pray and send her off with a blessing. A week later, she came to the church with a note of thanks for us. I happened to be there and she effusively described that since we prayed ‘I have been feeling, different, and so, so happy!’ She has given us her address and wants to stay in touch. We also encouraged her to keep coming to the Thursday nights after work and meet the other chaplains.’

‘After skiing with the Ski Club of GB, the two reps brought a group of seven to church on Sunday evening, and the Thursday night event. We met with them on three occasions in the Pollox bar. We had many good and evangelistic conversations with them and their group. Someone in the group made a rather amusing comment to our daughter at one point at the end of the week: ‘Your parents are such nice people. They almost give Christianity a good name!’

‘After the service people stayed for nearly an hour chatting. One young man texted afterwards and said ‘thanks for the service yesterday. Great sermon’; A woman from the USA said: ‘It means so much to me to find a service in my own language’ and her son found ‘the service was such a blessing to me’. Also, interesting conversation with a man arising out of a sermon which was on being saved by grace rather than works. He told me about Milton’s sonnet on his blindness which ends with the line ‘they also serve who only stand and wait’. I felt that he really had grasped the truth that we are not saved by what we do.’

Please pray for this ministry in Switzerland.  The season ends in April and a full list of chaplains can be found here.

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