Encens in Ibiza

Ibiza is probably best known as the clubbing capital of the world and has a reputation for hedonism, excess and consumerism but for 3 days in October it had ‘Encens’. A group of Christians on Ibiza had a vision for a round-the-clock time of worship on Ibiza.

(Encens is the Catalan word for incense.)  ‘Encens’ brought together different churches, ministries and individuals (both local, national and international) with one heart and purpose; to worship God and see His Kingdom come. 24 hours a day nonstop for 3 days there was praise, worship and prayer given to the Lord.

During daylight hours, the activities were outside in the grounds of a villa and after the sun set continued inside. There were children’s activities, creative writing, prophetic painting, dance, flamenco dance, DJs and live bands with a diversity of music and worship styles, prayer and prophecy, and a quiet place for private prayer. It was an amazing and exciting time, flamboyant and colourful with so many different nationalities, ages and Christian beliefs all coming together in worship on Ibiza.


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