Confirmation at Bertric Burée

Bishop Robert had a busy weekend in Aquitaine. Having ordained Charlotte Sullivan so joyously on Saturday 17 in Bordeaux we were pleased to welcome him at Bertric Burée to confirm nine candidates on Sunday 18 where the church had been beautifully decorated.

Chaplain Tony Lomas and his wife Ingrid had hosted Bishop Robert and his wife Helen, as well as masterminding the two celebrations. The candidates’ ages ranged from 13 to 80, eight came from Bertric Burée who were prepared and presented by the Revd Brian Davies, and one, the youngest, from the Vendée was prepared and presented by the Revd Hazel Door.

At the main door of the church Bishop Robert prayed with them over water to remind us all of our baptism and entry into the church then sprinkled the candidates with water from the font. The group returned to the front for the confirmation and anointing with holy oil. The candidates were then presented to the 98 members of the congregation who welcomed them with a long and loud round of applause before we all shared in communion.

There was a photo call after with the new communicants, Bishop Robert, the clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers/Readers enjoying the sunshine on a rather chilly day before the majority retired to the Foyer where we enjoyed a sumptuous ‘Bring and Share’ lunch.

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