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What does ICS do ?
ICS is an international Church of England mission agency to English-speakers who live, study, work or holiday abroad, in countries where English is not the main language. We do this by planting and growing international churches and by outreach to tourists through our seasonal chaplaincies.

St. Michael's Paris evening serviceOur ministry is to people who speak English—of which there are around 1.5 billion in the world, when you take into account people who speak it as a foreign language as well as those for whom it is their mother-tongue. ICS partners around 55 chaplains and assistant chaplains working in 65 new and long established congregations, ministering to English-speakers. We also provide seasonal chaplains in holiday resorts in Europe and the Mediterranean.


ICS operates in many countries in Europe and Mediterranean, as well as in the South Atlantic. We also partner Associate Ministry Partners in South America.


We were founded in 1823 (see Our History) and have worked in most parts of the world looking after the spiritual and practical needs of people from countless nationalities, backgrounds and economic circumstances. From the 1830’s onwards we began planting churches in mainland Europe where our work is still  mainly focussed but also in and around the Mediterranean, the South Atlantic and South America.

All chaplains linked to ICS work under the licence and authority of the Bishop in whose Anglican diocese they minister. ICS works closely with all diocesan bishops, their staff, and the congregations it partners for example in the management of appointments, church-planting and other ministry projects.

All chaplains whose appointment ICS is responsible for, and all associate chaplains linked to ICS, subscribe to our Basis of Faith.

The ICS Annual Report for 2016 can be found here.

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