50th anniversary celebration

11 June 2017 was truly a memorable day and a solid confirmation of God’s love and faithfulness for his Christian outpost here in Ibiza – The English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera.

Yes, our services are in English but since Revd Peter’s arrival, they have been well spiced with Hebrew and Greek! We are a diverse congregation representing about 10 different nationalities. We personify different cultures, denominational backgrounds and idiosyncrasies, bound together by our mutual love for our heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s Word.

As it was Trinity Sunday, following last week’s celebration of Pentecost, there was a ‘surprise’ enactment of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Visual and audio aids, made up of confetti cannons and streamers, gave us a surprise awakening.

Meaningful messages from some of our previous chaplains were shared, and we reflected on the crucial input from so many ‘founding’ individuals, as well as the prayers and practical help from ICS, their Summer Chaplains and the Diocese in Europe. Special guests with angelic voices sang and strummed for us during Communion, intercessions were given by a now-grown-up Good News Club member, Alanna, plus the Messy Church kids: Felix, Zoe, Scarlett, Florence and Emma.

All of this excitement stimulated not only our spirits, but also our appetites. A gourmet buffet awaited us in the garden. How blessed we were to have Art and Rose host the exquisite event at their lovely home/restaurant, ‘Can Truy’! We shared our fellowship meal under cloudless skies on a luxurious lawn listening to the captivating voice of Samantha with Johnny on the keyboard. Thank you for sharing your gifts! Jayne and Betty Bamber started the ball rolling by encouraging others to get out on the dance floor and enjoy the awesome music. Our Catholic contingent of friends, created over years of  ‘Unity Week’, were present and thrilled with our unconventional service and mouthwatering multicourse feast. Thank you Lord for our RC sisters and brothers in Christ!  And of course, thank you all for being there, demonstrating true Christian fellowship at its best, as well as thank you to all our well-wishes and prayer warriors near and far who were unable to attend the celebration!

The anniversary cake, a tasty Tarta de Santiago almond cake with ‘3’ flare fountains (Holy Trinity Sunday), dazzled all our senses, as did the homemade cakes, pies, fruit salads and brownie specialties made in heaven by some of the ‘sweet’ patissiere artists from our church. As I glanced over at little Bella and Oliver, the youngest members of our congregation, I felt assured that some of us will still be on planet earth for our church’s 100th Celebration, if Jesus doesn’t return for us before then!  We look forward with anticipation and expectation to what God has in store for us next!

Above all – Thank you Father God for the grace and love you have poured out over us all these amazing years and everything you will be doing through us in the future! AMEN!


More photos of the anniversary celebration are here.

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